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The Big Picture | San Diego's Midwife, Midwives, Midwifery & Doula Services | Birth Roots Women's Health & Maternity Center

The Big Picture

The Big Picture- More Midwives, More Birth Centers, More Doulas

Would you like to see a midwife on every block in San Diego? A Birth Center in every neighborhood- wouldn’t that be wonderful? A doula in every family?

We’re committed to improving access to midwives in San Diego, and to growing new midwives here. We were both trained in the apprenticeship model and we now train apprentice midwives. Are you interested in becoming a San Diego midwife? See our resources page for helpful information, including the San Diego Midwifery Student Alliance, and you are welcome to ask us any questions you may have on our Contact Us page.

Are you interested in supporting birthing women as a doula? Are you the auntie, tia, or cousin who helps out all the women in the family when they give birth? Would you like to learn more about birthing options, hospital procedures and interventions, and how to support and empower women in labor and birth? In San Diego, there are several volunteer doula programs which provide labor support to women in labor. You can contact Ann Fulcher at the UCSD Heart and Hands volunteer doula program at (619) 543-6269 or

Do you have another something to offer the community in the area of pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum, baby care or general women’s health and well-being?  Are you a massage therapist, baby sign instructor, childbirth educator, nutritionist, counselor or other teacher or practitioner?  Do you work with childbearing teens, immigrant moms, queer parents, menopausal women or girls just starting their periods, or another group of women and families who need support, connection and resources?  We’d love to hear about your work and your vision for supporting women, babies, families and communities.