Rolinda J. Bailey

Hi, my name is Rolinda J. Bailey

I am the office manager and insurance biller for Birth Roots Women’s Health and Maternity Center. I have been working here in those capacities since January 2010.  I enjoy working at Birth Roots because I am able to meet so many women and their families, supporting their needs and encouraging them as they work toward achieving the birth plans they create.

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and I moved to San Diego when I was 4 years old.  I have three children, a son and two daughters, and nine grandchildren-two boys and seven girls ranging from adults to toddlers.  I worked for Prudential Insurance in medical groups claims for over 12 years, gaining an understanding of insurance billing.  I returned to school and received an Associate’s degree in Business in 2010, and continued on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration in 2012.

We are a diverse group of women who share the passion of making women feel empowered and free to express themselves about what they do or do not want for their births and their health care. We believe in creating the ability for every woman to have the opportunity to have the natural birth she desires- determined by medical circumstances- and to work with women to make the births financially feasible, too.

I delivered my children in an era where the doctor was the one who dictated how and when procedures were performed and babies were born. I did not even know there was an option for natural childbirth-I had epidurals with all three. Now, I am educated about the positive effects on women when they are the ones who determine their laboring techniques and delivery places (at home, a birth center, or at a hospital). Women feel better and can handle their deliveries much better when they know their options and can be more natural while laboring. I especially love the fact most women can walk around, eat, and enjoy their families and friends when they opt to deliver at home or at the Birth Center. They are able to include siblings throughout the whole pregnancy, laboring, and delivery. The families’ bonds are much closer when they experience the wonder of birth together.

I encourage women to come and meet us and decide for yourselves- which would be your preference? A home birth or a birth at our birth center? Come talk to our midwives and become informed about your options and empower yourselves! We also do well-women care, so you can get all your woman health care done by our experienced, caring staff.